FILOSE Fish Robot

FILOSE fish is a fish robot prototype in an ever-ongoing improvement cycle.
Its shape and locomotion are similar to a rainbow trout. Trout is a subcarangiform swimmer. It means that it moves forward by creating undulations with the 2/3 of the rear part of its body while the first, anterior third of the body is almost rigid.

FILOSE fish has a compliant tail that is actuated by a single servomotor at the thorax. The servomotor flapping creates an undulating wave that travels along the body and pushes the robot forward.
We can change the tails and use the prototype to investigate how material properties change the efficiency and swimming pattern of the robot.

The head of the robot is watertight and it contains sensors and electronics to control the fish. The ARM9 processor equipped controller with 64 differential channels permits connecting 64 flow sensors. The sensor signal processing software and the actuation control software is uploaded to the Linux based kernel and can be debugged on and off board.

FILOSE fish is not autonomous. We need to keep it at a predetermined position to control how it senses flow patterns. Therefor it is attached to a rod that moves in 2D. Wires that go through a rod power the electronics and are used for data acquisition while we are testing. The rod is attached to a force plate that allows us to measure forces generated at swimming.